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John Lunstroth, No Strangers: Medicine, Philosophy and Neuroscience, __ American Journal of Bioethic _____ (2008) (forthcoming).

John Lunstroth, Regulating the Research Enterprise: Use of International Human Rights Law by U.S. Citizens Injured in Human Experimentation, 23 Issues L.& Med. ___ (forthcoming 2007).  

John Lunstroth, A Proposed Analystsí Code of Ethics, 16 Def. Intelligence J. 157 (2007).  

John Lunstroth and Jan Goldman, Ethical Intelligence from Neuroscience: Is it possible?, 7 Am. J. Bioethics 18 (2007). 

John Lunstroth, Linking Virtue with Justice: Aristotle on the Melian Dialogue, 12 Intíl Legal Theory 99 (2007).

John Lunstroth, Voluntary Self-Regulation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners, 70 Alb. L. Rev. 109 (2006).

John Lunstroth, Acting Out of Ethics: What the Open Letter Asks, 6 Am. J. Bioethics 41 (2006).

Book Chapters

John Lunstroth, Torture and the Regulation of the Health Care Professions, in Physicians at War: The Dual-Loyalties Challenge ___  (forthcoming 2007).


John Lunstroth, Review: The Trials of Homeopathy: Origins, Structure, and Development by Michael Emmans Dean, 11 J. Alternative & Complementary Med. 871 (2005).


Co-Editor for two chapters of William Conklin, Hegelís Theory of Law (forthcoming 2007).

Peer reviewer of three articles in 16:1 Def. Intelligence J. (2007).

Editorial Board Member, The Open Ethics Journal,Ē Bentham Science Publishers

Articles in Progress:

Reason for Sacrifice: Justice in the Belmont Report.

Bioterrorist attack: national security, social security or medical emergency?


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